32 Ford

Fireworks light up the night sky creating a reflective image on the wet pavement of this chopped 32 Ford. A celebration of freedom is the theme and a low classic look is accented by custom graphics on red.

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Boyd’s Cafe

* Giclee Canvas SIlver Edition is available in 24″ x 32″ only.

** Fine Art Paper Silver Edition is available in 15 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ only.


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Chevelle Sunset

The setting sun is reflected in the flawless paint of this 1970 Chevelle sitting on a cobblestone road. Mountains in the background create a powerful feel to this piece in homage to the big muscle car era.

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Father Cobra

26Painter of the open road edition® Inspired after meeting the late Carroll Hall Shelby.(1923-2012) ‘Motor Marc’ creates a tribute painting to honor Carroll’s automotive achievements. He is a legend as an American automotive designer, racing driver, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Carroll … Read More

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Waves lap gently against the sand and a warm breeze whispers through the palm trees in this tropical scene of this classic GTO. The setting sun gives way to night as the GTO prepares to cruise the streets in search … Read More

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Hell On Wheels

Not available at this time.

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Hemicuda Sleeper

 * Hemicuda Sleeper Edition is available only as 27″ x 17 1/2″ lithograph.

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Midnight Rider

This classic sedan shines under a full moon rising as lightning strikes in the midnight sky. Reflections in the moonlight bring this painting to life to create a mysterious feel.

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Not available at this time.

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