“I don’t actually have the words. I’ve never been so floored when I got your gift around Christmas time. I couldn’t believe what you had done and you’ll never know how much it meant to me. To have your amazing artwork and all those heroes signatures on the same offering is probably one of the most incredible things anyone has ever done for me. I was simply rendered speechless and then came the tears. My wife said she had never seen me that way. Many of my family members survived that era of American conflict and you’ve captured something that I think only you could do. I could never repay you for such a gift and I will always cherish it with all of my heart. You couldn’t have done such a kind thing for anyone that will enjoy it as much as I will. You did our heroes proud in this rendering and I can’t wait for my family members to see how awesome it is.”

~ Darryl Worley


“The painting looks amazing! Very touching and beautiful. It honestly made me cry because it reminded me of my grandpa telling his stories about WWII. I think all Rolling Thunder riders will find it very touching as well.”

~ Olga Kulibaba, Marketing Manager
Harley-Davidson of Washington, DC