Most of Motor Marc’s commissioned works depict deeply personal images. He combines motor art with a lifestyle reflecting fun times on the open road to memorable friends and family generations. Such commissions are a true collaboration between client and artist. This collaboration includes a multi-step process as follow:

1. An initial consultation to discuss theme, size and other details regarding the commissioned artwork.

2. Photography sessions involving all vehicles and people to be depicted in the artwork. If the photography sessions are not possible, photographs will have to be supplied by the client for reference purposes.

3. Preparation of preliminary sketches indicating size, color scheme and composition will be supplied to client before commencement of artwork.

4. Creation of the painting using the finest archival art materials, resulting in a piece of artwork that will be enjoyed for generation after generation.

5. Upon payment [*], the final artwork is delivered to the client. Most commissions require approximately four to seven weeks to complete.

* Payment terms:
1/3 payment before beginning commissioned project/lock in commencing date.
1/3 payment upon approval of preliminary sketches and final line work.
1/3 payment upon completion of painting.

All commissions are priced after the individual requirements for the project are discussed. Fees do not include applicable sales taxes, travel and shipping expenses.

If you’d like to know more about this very special service we offer, contact Motor Marc’s Studio at (519) 735-7779.


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