Friday Red Thunder

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* 150 Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas includes a certificate of authenticity.

** 4 Artist Proof Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas: Similar to the original, with sand from Afghanistan in the print and in the outer matte, military badge, maple leaf frame, and engraved bayonet. (46″ x 52″ print only)

*** Military Soldiers Collectors Print (17″ x 21″): A percentage of the sales will go to support our wounded troops.

** Call for Canadian Pricing (519-735-7779)

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Motor Marc pays homage to Canada’s long history as a military force and the brave men and women that serve this proud nation in his latest work Red Friday Thunder. Painted from the heart, Red Friday Thunder features a Canadian themed custom Harley to inspire the wearing of red every Friday in support of our troops’ safe return home from missions abroad. Scenes of our military men and women at work in CC-130 Hercules and the Griffin helicopters mirror the moving images of soldiers at attention, saluting their comrades as the Canadian flag waves in the background. Actual sand brought back from Afghanistan was used in the matting for authenticity and give a special connection to land far away. The public will also have the chance to interact with the original painting by leaving a gold fingerprint on the outer matte.

Order Now! Show your support for our troops.

Red Friday Thunder is scheduled to tour Canada for unveiling and special events making its final stop in Ottawa where it will be displayed. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet renowned Discovery Channel / American Chopper artist Marc and show your support for Canadian troops in this special way.

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Military Soldiers Collectors Print, 4 – Artist Proof Limited Edition, 150 – Limited Edition

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