Hell On Wheels

Not available at this time.

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Monumental Pride

Motor Marc Art has created this piece of original iron art, entitled Monumental Pride, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the completion of Mount Rushmore. Marc is gifting it to be part of this online auction from August 7 to … Read More

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Night Before Christmas

Not available at this time.

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Nyuk Nyuk’s Free Movie Pass

The Three Stooges® Officially licensed fine art It seems that our mad-cap trio of Larry, Moe and Curly have found themselves in the spotlight again. The soon to be released all new The Three Stooges movie has created quite a … Read More

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Ocean’s Deep Breath

* 10 Artist Proof Limited Editions are SOLD OUT

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Ocean’s Treasures – Bronze Sculpture

** This is a deposit only.
Total price: three (3) payments of $5,000.00.

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Pillow Romance

Painter of the open road edition® Arriving home after a long day at work, she peels off layers of stress to enjoy the serenity and the softness of her silk sheets. Her pillow becomes her welcoming friend that keeps her … Read More

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Roaring Beauty

The thunderous roar of the grizzly bear awakens the wilderness as the surrounding massive glaciers melt and split away from the frozen tundra, forming wild currents and cascading waterfalls. The salmon fight for survival as they follow there natural breading … Read More

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Spiritual Harmony

OFFICIAL FINE ART FOR THE ROCK LEGEND CRUISE III NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE ASSOCIATION The natives have blessed our lands to grow full of life and love. Water flows with passion, the crisp air whispers through the mountains. The environment all … Read More

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Steve Turny Pirate

Not available at this time.

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Treasure Hunt

“Motor Marc’s” Fourth special painting for the HSR. Children play in the sand by the shore, where the tided flows in and out surrounding their fantasy land created by the magic of imagination. As they walk the shoreline they find … Read More

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Treasured Memoirs

* Ocean’s Daughter Memoir Book is available for purchase separately HERE.

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