Ocean’s Deep Breath

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A stroll along the serene shores of the deep turquoise ocean, finds our beautiful beach dweller swept away in the tranquility of the waves as the waters encircle her. She breathes in her surroundings, as she raises her arms to greet the moment, she is renewed.

An angelic look comes over her face as the gentle breeze sweeps away her russet mane. Tropical fish continue their oceanic dance within the whirlwind that surrounds our beauty.

Once again Motor Marc has used acrylics to give this textured art that tropical feel.

Visit High Seas Rally Website for details on the cruise.

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Acrylic Textured Embellished, 10 A/P – Limited Edition, 50 – Regular Edition


Framed, Not Framed

Media Size

18" x 30"

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Giclee / Canvas