Broken Down

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Painter of the open road edition®

A series of paintings depicting a wild Gypsy’s journey.

Embarking on an epic journey down the open road towards the ultimate motorcycle spectacle, she abruptly veers around a corner, only to have her prized bike grind to a halt. Stranded in an unknown wilderness, a sense of isolation envelopes her. As tears stream down her face, she clings tightly to her cherished guardian angel bracelet, praying for a savior to emerge. Gazing towards the heavens, a symphony of roaring engines pierces the silence, heralding her rescuer’s arrival. The unwavering belief in unforeseen biker ignites her spirit, reinforcing the mantra to never surrender hope.

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25 – Regular Edition, 50 – Regular Edition


Framed, Not Framed

Media Size

18" x 24", 26" x 34", 30" x 40"

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Giclee / Canvas