Grandpa’s Treasures

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I’m Coming Home

A neighborhood teenager, now a young man who’s been all around the world and has fought to stay alive. He packed his bags and boarded the plane like any good soldier completing his tour of duty. A troop transporter brought … Read More

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Jet Bike

For information or pricing please call Marc directly at his studio at (519) 735-7779.

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Legends of Freedom

All prints are available in 125 / 15 AP / S

* AP / Artist Proof prints are priced separately, call for info – (519) 735-7779. Prices are also subject to change based on after-market availability and do not include shipping and handling.
** Ask about the: Exhibition Collection / Hand Embellished Print Series. Limited to editions of 25 prints for sizes measuring: 22″ x 30″ and 30″ x 40″

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