The open road can be intoxicating at times, but nothing beats the feeling of coming back home. Mr Brandt has a great life, a businessman with a blossoming family, a beautiful wife and a lovely home. As the sun shines down on his modest farm, it’s hot rays bounce off the bi-plane with two of his five grandchildren waiting for there ride joining the another plane flying overhead. Brandt Sr. runs the familiar green tractor as he watches over his son’s family. Alpaca’s graze in the background on a lush green spread of land. His grandson swings whimsically on an old-fashion tire swing, while carefully aiming his squirt gun at his cousin. Toys are set aside as his grandchildren rush to greet him, even the family pets are excited, as he arrives from a short road trip on his touring bike. The surprised look on the youngest grandchild’s face brings joy to Calvin, as he looks toward his smiling wife, he feels young again – reliving his youth through Grandpa’s Treasures.

Calvin Brandt is an art lover and a motorcycle enthusiast. As soon as he set his eyes on a Motor Marc painting he was hooked. After purchasing several of Motor Marc’s limited editions, he just had to have his own special painting. Calvin commissioned Motor Marc to depict his life on canvas, so that he could pass down this private painting to his family. He sent several photos to the studio of all his most treasured possessions, and without fail Motor Marc delivered an exceptional piece of realistic art that thrilled Calvin and his whole family. These special moments can also be captured for your family as well. A simple call is all it takes to get the ball rolling on a great gift idea for the entire family.