Champions of Peace

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Painter of the open road edition®  In honor of all our veterans.

 World War II was between 1939 and 1945 that involved all the world’s major countries. It was the most destructive war in history and millions of people were killed. More than 16 million men and women soldiers served in the Armed Forces during World War II, and another 3.5 million worked as federal civilian employees.

Dear WWII veterans, I can’t imagine what you had to go through and how you felt during the time you so bravely fought to give us our freedom. My painting is to honor all who served, and continue to protect our countries. It is also to remind others of your sacrifices and for our children’s children to never forget how strong you all are. The idea for the creation of this painting was based on the celebration of the end of the war. A young triple ace pilot telling his heroic flight stories as older veterans gather around remembering the days of their past. A young Navy nurse is thought of by her husband as they continue to live together today with love and happiness. A soldier stands tall looking over the thunderous skies at the P51 Mustangs and bombers flying by as Bob Hope arrives for an entertainment show for the troops.

A special thank you to the following veterans who are in my painting. Here are some of their names.

Clarence Emil BUD Anderson, Air Force, During the WWII with the highest scoring flying ace in his P-51 Mustang squadrons.

Asa Newman, Air Force, A Tuskegee Pilot and a true American hero flying special missions in his P-51red tail Mustang.

Eleanor and Bob Bush, WWII Veterans and siblings. Eleanor served as a Navy nurse and Bob served in the Army and was sent overseas to battle.

Captain Sir Tom Moore, WWII Army, He was sent over seas, was knighted by the Queen in July 2020 for his heroic walking that raised almost £33 million for charities supporting the NHS/Covid fund.

Lawrence Brooks WWII Brooks the oldest living Veteran today. He served overseas with the predominantly African-American 91st engineer battalion in places like Australia and New Guinea.

Norman Gill, Royal Canadian Air Force. He trained in communications at RCAF Station Trenton with the new torpedo bomber squadron — also known as No. 6 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron.

Vincent J. Speranza, a highly deserved decorated World War II hero, served as a 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne division.

Bob Hope, a British-born American entertainer and comic actor known for his success in the entertainment industry and his decades of overseas tours to entertain American troops.

Thank you to all who fight for our freedom you all are truly our Champions of Peace.

This special painting decorates Motor Marc’s tribute to the veteran heroes of the WWII Arm Forces that allow us to have our freedom.

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