Battle For Her Heart

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Hidden Treasures / Official Art for HSR 2022

Motor Marc’s saga continues with his High Seas Rally series.

A tale of love begins a long time ago when a great white shark found his target, a beautiful mermaid guarding precious treasures while tall ships battled against treacherous waves. Succumbed by the pirate’s loneliness, he risked his life to save what he had been longing for, a battle for love. The brave pirate and the beautiful mermaid were forever known across the open seas as the stories spread with the wind that blew the sails forward on the High Seas Rally.

Motor Marc has created a beautiful action packed HSR fine art painting to give travelers the most adventurous journey looking for the many hidden treasures on the magical open seas.

Motor Marc’s frame accent with laser cut metal jaws and tail.

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50 – Regular Edition



Media Size

24" x 32"

Media Type

Giclee / Canvas