This is the fifth painting produced for the 2009 High Seas Rally cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. A fierce battle for hidden treasures ensues as a “Man of War” pirate ship battles the “Freedom of the Sea” galleon for its riches. After intense combat the pirate ship is in tatters, and the wounded vessel is spilling its bounty into the sea. The pirate’s prized possession, a customized bike, has been released into the sea. A slave girl jumps over the side of the sinking ship and is transformed by the magic of the sea into an elegant mermaid. A pod of dolphins surround her as she tries to save the motorcycle from a watery grave.

“Motor” Marc adds new dimensions to this installment. This is the first time the artist introduces his characters so that you may follow along with the pirate storyline.

Visit High Seas Rally Website for details on the cruise.

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15 A/P – Limited Edition, 75 – Regular Edition

Media Size

24" x 32"

Media Type

Giclee / Canvas