High Seas Rally 2010

This is the sixth motorcycle painting produced for the 2010 High Seas Rally eighth cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The story of Battle for Hidden Treasures, which was the fifth installment, told you a tale of a fragile slave girl. This year´s story continues with the newest art in the series, Pirate´s Cove Hidden Treasures. Our transformed beauty has been washed ashore straight into the mouth of Pirate´s Cove. Here she finds a fully dressed bike, along with the pirates bounty. But that´s not all – below the former slave girl there is a shallow grave for those that came before her. Above her are the guardians of Pirate´s Cove, blood thirsty bats and a sword wielding Buccaneer, and both appear to be ready to defend this sacred ground. As she admires her found treasures, we see the battleship takes it´s last breaths as it succumbs to the mighty fury of the deep.

Continue the journey with Motor Marc, as he takes you on a wild excursion with his Hidden Treasures series.

Visit High Seas Rally Website for details on the cruise.

Additional information


15 AP Embellished Edition, 50 – Regular Edition



Media Size

24" x 32"

Media Type

Giclee / Canvas