Raising Money for The United Heroes League

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Starting the day with a visit to the Dallas Stars Alumni arena with Doctor Matt Rayner from the Dallas Wellness centre and meet with the star NHL players.

A quick ride the local Harley dealership for a meet and greet with Tim Kellner from the United Heroes League.

The adventure starts at a shooting range where Motor Marc learns how to fire an AK military rifle for the first time. Marc donates and presents the Courageous Hearts print to raise fund for the United Heroes League.

‘’ It was and experience I’ll never forget. I was even able to shoot and hit some targets. With this print I feel that it is another way of giving thanks to our Veteran by helping their families.”

Motor Marc

The print will be auctioned late fall at one of their events.

Dr. Matt Rayner, Dallas Wellness Center
Motor Marc with Dr. Matt Rayner
Raising money for the United Heroes League - Motor Marc Lacourciere
Motor Marc donates and presents the Courageous Hearts print
Motor Marc with AK military rifle
Motor Marc training with AK military rifle
Motor Marc with AK military rifle
Motor Marc in sniper mode with AK military rifle


United Heroes League Programs for Military Kids

United Heroes League 501(c)(3) has provided over $12 MILLION dollars worth of free sports equipment, game tickets, cash grants, skill development camps, and special experiences to military families across the US & Canada. Special thanks to all of our incredible volunteers, donors, partners, supporters, and amazing military families for making the mission possible!

United Heroes League keeps military kids active and healthy through sports while their parents serve our country. So far we have helped over 50,000 military families keep or start their kids in sports.

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it a criminal offense for individuals to falsely claim military status and awards to claim “money, employment, property or other tangible benefits.”